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November 1, 2008
from The Fox Movie Channel


This Thanksgiving weekend, the apes are taking over Fox Movie Channel. “Channel of the Apes,” the four day tribute to the ground-breaking Planet of the Apes science-fiction franchise, includes the first five theatrical films, five television movies and the premiere of Fox Legacy: Planet of the Apes.

Channel of the Apes is scheduled for Thursday, November 27 through Sunday, November 30.

Kicking off the initial run of the theatrical films will be the premiere of Fox Legacy: Planet of the Apes on Thursday, November 27 at 8:00pm ET. Tom Rothman, Chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, introduces this landmark 20th Century Fox film and provides insight about how this notable film was created.

Presented in their original widescreen format, all five of the theatrical films will be included throughout the holiday weekend.

  • Planet of the Apes 1968
  • Beneath the Planet of the Apes 1970
  • Escape from the Planet of the Apes 1971
  • Conquest of the Planet of the Apes 1972
  • Battle for the Planet of the Apes 1973

Channel of the Apes will also include the feature-length television movies made from episodes of the cult 1974 television series.

  • Back to the Planet of the Apes 1981
  • The Forgotten City of the Apes 1981
  • Treachery and Greed on the Planet of the Apes 1981
  • Life, Liberty, and Pursuit on the Planet of the Apes 1981
  • Farewell to the Planet of the Apes 1981           

Chuck Saftler, General Manager of Fox Movie Channel, said “Fox Movie Channel is delighted to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this landmark science fiction franchise with both the theatrical and television films.”

“The popularity of the Planet of the Apes films continues to grow due to their unique tone, strong characterizations and epic stories.” said VP of Programming Adam Lewinson.

Throughout the month of November, Fox Movie Channel, in partnership with Fox Home Entertainment, will present the Channel of the Apes Sweepstakes at  Prizes include Planet of the Apes: 40 Year Evolution Blu-ray Collections and Blu-ray players.

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