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Newest Links

Planet of the Apes Discussion Group
Want to discuss any and all things POTA? Join the Planet of the Apes Discussion Group on Yahoo.

Planet of the Apes Community
You can also join the Community of POTA Fans on Yahoo.

Hunter Goatley's Planet of the Apes Page
You won't find a better POTA page for stuff to download! This site has numerous video clips, an unbelievable collection of scripts (including the TV scripts and the Adam Rifkin draft for what eventually became the Tim Burton remake), bubble gum cards, coloring books, and if that weren't enough, he even has Flash versions of the Power Records comic book and record adaptions (if you know what those are, you're as old as I am). And no, that's not enough, because he's even mirrored the old, long-lamented ProphecySite POTA page.

Star Wars Ruined My Life
The official website for an unpublished book about Star Wars fandom.

Apes on the Web

Want Cornelius, Zira, Dr. Zaius and the gang to attend your next function? Call APEMANIA! These folks have even done the Planet of the Apes 30th Anniversary Bash, hosted by Fox Home Video.

Planet of the Apes International Fanclub
This is Terry Hoknes' great site with tons of info on the movies, collectibles, comics, and more.

Official Natalie Trundy website
Albina, a Mutant in Beneath, Dr. Stephanie Branton in Escape, Lisa, Caesar's wife in Conquest and Battle, and Mrs. Arthur P. Jacobs. New page with autographed pictures, an extensive bio, and more.

TyrEnkidu's Planet of the Apes Multimedia Site
This is a great site with tons of images, sounds, desktops, and more.

Dark Horse Comics' Planet of the Apes
Official website of the new Dark Horse comics PotA series and movie tie-in.

SirLinksalot Planet of the Apes Links
This page has tons of links to articles about the new film, plus links to probably every PotA site on the web.
The official site of da man, Charlton Heston.

Naked Caesar Presents Planet of the Apes
A new web page dedicated to Planet of the Apes, of course.

Charlton Heston World-A True Renaissance Man
New site dedicated to da man, Charlton Heston. The title says it all. With four pages devoted to PotA containg lots of info and TONS of great photos.
The official website of Glenn Shadix, a Burton regular best remembered as Otho in Beetlejuice, plays Senator Nado in Tim Burton's Apes remake. Check the News page for inside scoops.

Tim Burton Collective: Planet of the Apes
This is a great site full of all things Burton, with a new section devoted to Burton's POTA Remake. Great site to visit to find ALL of the photos released on the web, plus TONS more info, including a synopsis of the story, backgrounds on the characters, and more.

The Troy McClure Pretty-Much-Everything Site
Excellent website dedicated to that star of TV, movies, and stage, especially the hit musical, Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off!

Official Don Pedro Colley website
Ongaro, a Mutant, in Beneath the Planet of the Apes. New page with autographed pictures, an extensive bio, and more.

Official Jeff Corey website
Caspay, a Mutant, in Beneath the Planet of the Apes. New page with autographed pictures, an extensive bio, and more.'s Planet of the Apes Pages
Good site containing an overview of the entire Apes saga, from the films to both TV series. Offers comprehensive reviews, character profiles, collectibles, essays, and pictures.

Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes
Looks to be the first fan site dedicated to the new movie. Great news section.

ciRcuS deCorUm
This site contains "Doomsday2000," an original techno song featuring audio clips from the Apes Saga and 2001.

Spaceship Icarus
This is a section of the Model Builders Reference Vault dedicated to the space ships depicted in the Apes films. Contains lots of great photos, and quite a few rare images, including a publicity shot of Stewart, the doomed female astronaut in Planet.

La plančte des singes
New French site dedicated to Planet of the Apes. Apes creator Pierre Boulle was French, so a French site is most appropriate!

Chris's Planet of the Apes Page
This page has lots of sounds clips, photos, reviews, and more.

This site is dedicated to two of the greatest films series of all time (both made by Fox, by the way): Planet of the Apes and Star Wars.

Planet of the Apes Webring
Looking for a whole slew of Apes sites? This is the place to go.

Planet of the Apes TV Series
Planet of the Apes TV Series
These two are essentially the same site -- one is just designed a little better.

Classic Desktop Themes Unlimited
Want an Apes Theme for Win95? Check out this site, then click on "MY STUFF."

Scream Team
Want your own Ape make-up kit? This is the place to go for apes and other movie creatures.


Time Machine Collectibles
This site has quite a few good Apes photos.

Cool Stuff
Looking for the Apes TV show, the Apes animated series, or lots of other cool stuff? This is the place to look.

Autograph World
Shop here for autographed photos of Charleton Heston, Linda Harrison, Kim Hunter, and other Apes stars.

Monsters In Motion
A great site for collectors who are looking to buy stuff on the web -- they've got tons of Sci-Fi stuff, including an Apes Gorilla costume and the new 12" Signature Series from Hasbro.

Friends of the Forbidden Zone

Don Lemmon's Know How
Don Lemmon is a West Coast based nutrition and exercise specialist who has had over 20 million visitors and 100 thousand newsletter subscribers come and join his website since 1997. Check out his amazing list of links at the bottom (he's a huge Apes fan!).

Sassano Management
Looking for a celebrity for your next convention or trade show? Sassano Management represents Linda Harrison, Natalie Trundy, Booth Coleman, Don Pedro Colley, Jeff Corey, and a host of others.

NetTrekker: The Web Site
NetTrekker provided some valuable info for this web site.

Reed Palmer, Artist
This is a great site filled with fan art from Star Trek and a great Planet of the Apes drawing.

Classic Films

Chaplin Film Locations Then and Now
This is a really cool site that has managed to track down many of the actual Hollywood locations used in Chaplin's films, such as City Lights, The Tramp, The Great Dictator, and more. They even tracked down the original Keystone Studios! Interesting to see how much things change in 80 years.